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Power & Drive Solutions are quickly becoming a market leader in the development and installation of specialist control solutions for mobile power generation equipment generally owned by Hire Companies…

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BHP Water Pumping Station

With a history of reliability and robust construction and programming, BHP Australia look towards the unique talents of Power & Drive Solutions to develop their stand alone infrastructure in the field. BHP uses 36 Mega Liters of water for mining and refining operations in South Australia as well as delivering potable drinking water to Roxby Downs.

The challenge

Projects PS-1 and PS-6A represent remote water pumping stations where Power & Drive Solutions led the design, construction and installation of remote power stations, from the ground up.

The result

Power & Drive Solutions delivered a PS1 which consisted of two 450 kVA Diesel Generators in parallel from MTU Detroit Diesel, installed 180 km north of Olympic Dam. In addition to 6A which consisted of two 300 kVA Diesel generators in parallel, located a further 80 km north.

Power generated is used for communications, control, submersible pumps and power at the unmanned site. The PS-6A site also runs the fin fans to cool the water before entry to the pipeline to Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam.

Despite the remote location, the greatest challenge involved interfacing electric engines to a pre-existing infrastructure using telemetry equipment. The telemetry is monitored at the Desalination Plant south of these sites, giving the operators operational status and error logs as they occur. Working in a remote environment requires significant project planning including rubbish removal, remote area access, and cartage of tools, equipment and Heavy Machinery to be installed.

Design of Engine and Enclosure package in high temperature environments was critical for this project as climate conditions in the South Australian desert can be extreme, especially when reliability is paramount.