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Power & Drive Solutions are quickly becoming a market leader in the development and installation of specialist control solutions for mobile power generation equipment generally owned by Hire Companies…

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Contract Resources Vacuum Trucks

Power & Drive Solutions were engaged by Contract Resources to design, engineer, construct, install and commission a control system on their new vacuum truck fleet.

The challenge

The greatest challenge in this project was the interfacing of a previously manual handle control and labour-intensive pneumatic truck interface with a new electronic vehicle.

The result

Power & Drive Solutions have developed the most advanced and modern vacuum truck in service today. The new system significantly reduces operator input, increasing safety and efficiency through the reduction of steps required to complete each process. Furthermore, the operator now has a unique electronic interface to enable them to see the steps of the operation as well as providing text-based alarms of a process or truck fault. The operator also has the ability to search through the time based alarm list to pin point exactly when a fault occurred, giving them the ability to quickly rectify the fault and restore the truck appropriately.

Power & Drive also implemented remote communication to allow the service manager to check vehicle performance and assist with fault rectification.