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Power & Drive Solutions are quickly becoming a market leader in the development and installation of specialist control solutions for mobile power generation equipment generally owned by Hire Companies…

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PITC Gnangara Satellite Exhange

PITC Gnangara is one of only seven ground-based communications centers tasked with tracking NASA space shuttle as it orbits the earth. Gnangara is a multiuser ground-based satellite communications centre, located half an hour north of the Perth CBD in Western Australia. The main site functions are to provide Satellite tracking, Internet, International television broadcasts, International and Satellite phone communications.

The challenge

The biggest challenge of this project was to maintain a fully functional Automatic Emergency Generation Plant whilst updating and replacing the entire ageing control system. Power & Drive Solutions overcame this challenge by implementing extensive Project Management, planning and coordination off all staff involved.

The result

Power & Drive implemented a new control system which has modernised the entire Emergency Generation Plant utilising the latest in generator control equipment including Digital Load Sharing, Synchronisation and Power Management, along with integration with existing BMS, upgraded BMS as well as advanced Master Control Station and remote monitoring connection ensuring that any alarm or fault be distributed to all relevant personnel as soon as possible.

To meet these critical requirements the site has been designed above Telstra’s P1 standard. In addition to the dual feed for every piece of critical equipment, the Generator switchboard has a secondary bus system. This created a lot of operator control to ensure the plant was ready to operate. This operation is now done by the control system increasing reliability by removing operator interaction and reducing the chance of operator error.