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Power & Drive Solutions are quickly becoming a market leader in the development and installation of specialist control solutions for mobile power generation equipment generally owned by Hire Companies…

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Rockcrush Dredge Indonesia

Rockcrush were contracted by SIS mining management to provide a system capable of economically removing overburden from a mine sump 100m (and increasing) below ground level in a coal pit near Tanjung Tabalon ,Borneo, Indonesia. The system comprises a Diesel driven dredge to process the over burden, then a network of boosters to lift the dense mass 100 meters vertically and then through 800 meters of pipe to an open channel delivering 450 dry tons per hour to a flood plain dumping area.


Our challenge was to provide a system capable of controlling and monitoring the entire network of infrastructure from the single operator’s seat in the dredges main cabin. This included all Electric over Hydraulic controls as well as Engine and ancillary equipment.


The Dredge system has its own independent telemetry network designed to place the operator in every position at the same time, with Graphical HMI (Human Machine Interface) as well as IP based CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), the operator has a precise overview of exactly what is going on at every point of the network. The HMI enables remote Start up and Shutdown as well as tuning of individual boosters, all alarm and fault events being reported back to the operator during operation without the need for an additional operator or the need for the operator to leave their seat. Power & Drive Solutions utilised Comap InteliDrive DCU controllers to control the engines as well as ancillary equipment. The built in Logic Functions allowed for the entire pumping system to be controlled from the ID-DCU, thus making integration to the telemetry a simple single point connection. Having an effective, straight forward and easy to navigate system was critical to this application as the Dredge is in operation in Indonesia and is maintained and serviced by personnel with very little training.